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porcelain enamel

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orcelain Enamel is a mixture of mineral content glass and inorganic pigments fused to a steel substrate at temperatures exceeding 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme temperature literally melts and fuses the pigments to the steel, forming a molecular bond and creating a permanent coating. Graphics are applied with glass-based inks by a variety of methods including traditional screen printing, stenciling and a high resolution photographic process. Each color is applied and fired one layer at a time. This process produces the most visually striking and durable signage material available.



Key Attributes

Vivid and colorful high resolution graphics

Impervious to moisture and temperature extremes

The best UV protection in the industry

Will not delaminate

Extremely scratch resistant

Graffiti resistant

Can be imaged on both sides creating double-sided signage

Can be used as an artistic medium

Numerous imaging techniques

Can be any shape or size up to 4' x 7'


Common Applications

Interpretive and wayfinding signage for national,
state, and local parks, zoos, aquariums and municipalities

Museum exhibits

Wayfinding and building ID for campuses, business
parks and retail outlets

Signs for resorts, theme parks, and recreation facilities

Corporate identity

Architectural signage

Murals and Memorials

Public Art

Industrial Marking




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