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ocated just north of Chicago, the city of Evanston is home to many architecturally renowned buildings including Sherman Plaza, a mixed-use condominium complex. KVO provided a series of porcelain enamel panels for Sherman Plaza's Parking Garage. Located on each floor by the main elevators, each panel portrays a different local landmark with a brief history and unique color combination. This is a great example of KVO's porcelain enamel product highlighted by bright, beautiful, bold colors and our proprietary high resolution photographic process.


Location: Evanston, Illinois

Designer: Weingart Associates Inc. [visit site]

Porcelain is the gold standard for institutional graphics and signage. No other graphic medium has the durability, clarity and impact of porcelain in a high-end wayfinding program. And when I specify porcelain, I automatically specify KVO Industries. KVO works confidently at the limit of what can be achieved working in this medium. They have complete and authoritative knowledge of how to achieve the best results possible and how to translate design intent successfully into finished product. This is no small thing, given the idiosyncrasies of the manufacturing process. I look forward to the opportunity to work with KVO on those projects where porcelain is a consensus choice, because I know that I will have an opportunity to deliver something spectacular to my client.
Arne Weingart


Porcelain Enamel Projects


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Palmetum: 1/8" HPL + Custom Frames


Pond Restoration: 1/8" HPL + Outline Frames


Solar Living Institute: 1/2" HPL + Slimline Frames


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