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he Pulaski Tunnel Trail takes hikers two miles to the Nicholson mine (AKA Pulaski Tunnel) where "Big Ed" Pulaski saved most of his 45-man fire fighting crew in the Great Fire of 1910. Large-format porcelain enamel interpretive signs along the trail tell the story of Pulaski's heroic leadership and describe the fire's lasting effects on forest management and wildfire policy and responses even to the present day.


Location: Wallace, Idaho

Designers: Grady Myers and Cort Sims, US Forest Service

After considerable market research, the Forest Service entered into a contract with KVO Industries to produce and supply the porcelain enamel interpretive signs for the Pulaski Trail Project. KVO provided a quality product at a reasonable price while meeting project time lines.
Larry Shepherd
Idaho Panhandle N.F.
Coves signs are a great addition to the Pulaski Tunnel Trail and we've received more than a few favorable comments about them. Especially their durability and resistance to fading, even in the face of our hard northern Idaho winters. It has been just what the trail needed.
Ron Roizen
Executive Director, The Pulaski Project


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