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lthough many projects are similar, it is certainly true that no two are alike. Some projects are merely conceptual, some need final massaging, while others are simply “ready to go”. As such, each project requires a different level of service, expertize and attention. Our team draws on years of multi-disciplined experience in the signage industry to provide the right combination of services for each of the projects we are involved with. The result is a truly personalized and professional experience that our clients have come to expect.




Graphic Design

The majority of the projects that we produce come to us with finished graphics, but we are often approached by clients in the early stages of their projects that have a plan, the ability to write copy, access to some photography and a need for someone to complete their vision.


Our graphic designers are extremely proficient at delivering high quality graphic design and illustrations to these clients. KVO can also save our clients time and money in these situations since we are producing the final signage products. Having control of the entire process, from design to fabrication has yielded some of our clients favorite projects.


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Custom Fabrication and Installation Solutions

KVO has worked with many of our clients to develop custom installation techniques for a wide variety of projects. We offer detailed shop drawings so you fully understand the benefits and importance of a well-planned installation. Our experience in the signage industry also enables us to offer alternate installation solutions that save our clients time and money.


Custom Frames



Project Management

The success of any project is tied directly to how well the details are handled. Our experienced Project Management team has handled thousands of projects including large-scale interpretive programs, complicated retail development projects, campus wayfinding systems and public art exhibits. From concept to delivery, we work closely with our clients throughout the production process to ensure that each project is a complete success.



Value Engineering

KVO will happily accept the challenge of value-engineering your project to make sure we are bidding on something that will work. This process also ensures that you are not spending more money than you have to. By carefully examining your design intent, we can suggest alternate materials or installation techniques. Our goal is to solve problems before they develop. This ultimately leads to successful projects completed on time and on budget with no unpleasant surprises.



CNC Routing

KVO has a state-of-the-art CNC router with a large 6’ x 12’ routing surface that we use primarily for our High Pressure Laminate material. Utilizing our highly skilled operators and specialized software, we have complete control over the entire finishing process including cutting to precise shapes and dimensions, creating a variety of edge bevel treatments, drilling holes, pockets or recesses as well as drilling and tapping holes for the addition of threaded heli-coil inserts. This level of control enables KVO to provide our clients with finished signs that are exactly as they are intended, matching all details in our shop drawings with perfect fit and finish every time.


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